Automatic Revolving Doors

Automatic Revolving Doors

AutoFlow, MiniGrand, & Large Diameter Grand Systems

The AutoFlow, MiniGrand and Grand automatic revolving door systems are ideal for heavy traffic with energy savings in mind. Available in center shaft or center core vestibule design configurations these systems offer smooth, continuous rotation.

Deto Automatic Doors LLC, Automatics standard offering includes two, three, and four-wing automatic revolving door systems. The two-wing offers the largest compartment size easily accommodating large volumes of traffic, whether for commercial or institutional applications. The three-wing is most commonly used for providing fast and efficient traffic flow.

Deto Automatic Doors LLC, automatic revolving doors offer impressive architectural appeal, energy efficiency and effective high traffic management. Five major designs are offered in a wide selection of finishes, diameters, door wing configurations and glazing options.