DETO Fire Rated Doors

DETO Emergency Exit Doors and Fire Rated Doors have a Fire Rating for 30-120 minutes and are 3rd party tested as per International Fire Standards UL-10C and NFPA-252.

During any fire, the safety of occupants and precious property remains the prime focus of any doors installed at the location. Fire-Rated steel doors play a vital role in keeping people safe and minimizing property damage during any fire. DETO manufactures Fire-Rated Steel Doors as per NFPA-80 standards that can withstand 450°C fire for up to 3 hours.

Take advantage of the achievements gained through a century of experience. By using DETO fire-rated doors, you are assured decades of quality, protection and safety. All DETO fire-rated doors meet NFPA-80 Standard and are strictly in design, production and service according to UL 10B & UL 10C requirement. Install DETO fire-rated doors with complete confidence on safety.

DETO Fire Exit Door are designed to perform flawlessly in any setting and are backed by the best after-sales service in the business. It’s this pledge to design, performance and technology that ensures you can stand behind our products too. Installation is interpreted conveniently using a flat mounting design and polarized locking connectors for option boards.

For around 15 years DETO has set the standard for quality and innovation. As pioneer in the field of manufacturing Fire Exit Door in Dubai, DETO has a long-standing history as a leader in quality, durability and security with a wide range of fire-rated doors and outside trim operations. DETO doors offer an exquisite appearance.